Friday, January 19, 2007

The Team

The Year of the dog in 2006 was a great year to launch the PAWS for Charity team. The four women team is an energetic mix of talent offering uniques dog related items that are helping raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Started late in the year, the team managed to raise $2200 in only three months. With 2007 ahead, the team hopes to raise more for breast cancer research within the Canadian Cancer Society.

Pictured at left is Char Harding of , Julie Kelly of and Sara Harley of Suzanne Bird of is behind the camera.

The Paws for charity team's products are available through their web sites and at preferred locations. The team plans to have their products at various events throughout the year. Keep posted for updates on where they will be throughout the year.

April is Daffodil month for the Canadian Cancer Society, keep posted for the official launch of the PAWS for Charity products that will be sold throughout 2007.

Till then....

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